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Hi Everyone!


My name is Abhijit, and I started The Anonymous Writer when I realized that there was a lot that I wanted to write,  but no real platform to ensure that the things I had planned to write were actually going to be read.


Blogs are pretty dead right now. There are millions of blogs created around the world, but barring a handful of travel, technology and fashion bloggers, hardly anybody else manages to get readers. Stories and poems just do not get read on blogs.


You will remember that your own blog, if you had one, failed to take off, and eventually you stopped managing your blog because you did not see the point.

I decided that Facebook would be a far better option, owing to its huge reach and amazing activity, and so I started The Anonymous Writer on Facebook. Gradually, other aspiring writers joined in, and we formed a young team whose members kept the project going with their efforts. We soon started receiving stories and poems from our readers!


The huge success of this ‘FanArchy’ concept prompted us to add our most prolific guest writers to our core team. To ensure that we were selecting nothing but the best, we put in place an elaborate, two to three step process called AdminSearch (now called WriterSearch or simply SEARCH).


Check out this post to find out how the newest SEARCH will work.

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