The Anonymous Writer SEARCH – The Process

Please note the following details carefully –


1. The SEARCH will be conducted exclusively on our website. No entries will be entertained on any other platform. No queries will be answered from any individual as we believe that our multiple website posts will contain every bit of information needed to successfully participate in the process.


2. The SEARCH will have 3 stages, the details of the first of which will be revealed on in the hours to come. A participant can progress from Stage 1 to Stage 3 through consistently good write-ups only. There is no concept of ‘sum-total’, meaning that one good entry each in Stage 1 and Stage 2 will be considered to be better than an excellent Stage 1 entry followed by an ordinary Stage 2 entry.


3. The shortlisted entries in each stage will be posted on as well as our Facebook page. Participants are welcome to tell their friends about their participation and contest entry, however the ‘Likes’ on such posts will not have any bearing on the final outcome.


4. The final tally and score break-ups will not be released or announced at any point. However, all entries will be evaluated for correct grammar, choice of words, style of storytelling/ poetry and originality of the plot. If any of the stages involve creating write-ups inspired or derived from existing works of art, then ‘relevance’ will become an additional parameter.


5. All stages will have a word-limit which will be declared in due course.

6. Content that is pornographic or abusive is generally not allowed on The Anonymous Writer. However, no such rules apply in the SEARCH. Participants are free to write the content the way they deem fit.


7. The number of people to be selected as part of our team will depend on their talent alone. We may select none, or we may select all.


8. The participants who successfully complete all three stages of the SEARCH will be added to The Anonymous Writer team, subject to certain ‘fair’ conditions which will be advised at the end of Stage 3.


Stage 1 will be revealed in next one hour. Stay tuned.


PS. To know more about how the concept of SEARCH began, check this post.

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