Search – Stage 3 Rules

Stage 3 is going to be the last stage of the Search. Candidates who clear this stage will be added to our group as writers (not admins).

Please fill the below form (do note that copy-paste has been disabled to avoid plagiarism). This will be your official and final Stage 3 entry. Last date for entries is 10 Oct. Results will be out on this website on 15 Oct.




  • And now, for the tough part. Take your time and make sure that whatever you write is written well.


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  • Yash Jaiswal

    I just finished submitting for final round. What the webpage says after submission is this: “Your entry for STAGE 2 has been received” (the screenshot below) Stage 2?. Have I submitted it correctly?

    • Tejaswi Vemula

      Yes, I found the exact same thing after my submission. Are we supposed to resubmit?

  • Anjali Vij

    What if someone has no previous work? Are they disqualified from the search?

  • Anshita

    I have been short listed for stage 3.but missed the form filling. can i fill up now?

  • Deeksha V

    When will the Stage 3 results be out?