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Faded Memories

What do we usually do when someone who means a lot to us, leaves us?   We don’t usually search for ways to let go. We don’t usually look for

Letter to my ex

Dear ex,   I still remember the day we first met. A mutual friend had introduced us and we connected instantly. Do you always take your dates to your bedroom

How much do you love me?

“How much do you love me?” she often used to ask me.   The question always stumped me, even more than “Am I looking fat in this dress?” or “What

Letter to my love

Dear Love,   I know you don’t like it when I talk about my ex. But I am going to do it anyway. And I know that you will forgive

Being Single

Being single is hard; not because you need someone to lean on, someone to love, someone who would love you, but because how much people around you try to make

Calculated Love

I have always lived a calculative life, an attribute which defines my success. I have chosen friends on the basis of their ability to give. I cannot imagine why people

My Love Story

No. It’s impossible.   A romantic story just isn’t possible for me. I shut my laptop a little harder than my faithful friend deserved. No matter how many silly love

A Romance with the Rain

“Rani! Shut the window,” she shouted out to the maid for the second time.   The window panes were rattling loudly because of the stormy winds. Irritated with the noise

The Science and Art of Love

Almost a decade back, your dreamy eyes had caught my attention and I was captivated by your deep baritone and beautiful mind. You chose equations over bikes, you looked at

Letter to the Virtual Lover

Dear you,   If I sit down and contemplate, I’d find pieces of you, sprinkled all over my days; and nights come with the mosaic that it had already painted

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