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A Letter To Hannah Baker From ‘13 Reasons Why’

Dear Hannah,   I know it doesn’t make any sense to write a letter to a dead person. But then, you have left tapes to people after killing yourself, so

Dear distance

Dear distance,   There is so much that you’ve taught me, through the years.   You’ve made me fall in love with people, when I wanted to reach out to

Letter to my ex

Dear ex,   I still remember the day we first met. A mutual friend had introduced us and we connected instantly. Do you always take your dates to your bedroom

An open letter to the girl who will love my guy next

Hey,   I don’t think you know me. Or maybe you do if he ever brings me up in his conversations with you. If you know me, you must think

An open letter to my four-year-old kid

Dear kiddo,   I have never been good with words but you have forced me to write this. I am in a park, watching you play with a football, all

Letter to my love

Dear Love,   I know you don’t like it when I talk about my ex. But I am going to do it anyway. And I know that you will forgive

To the guy who has walked over me

Dear you,   No, I didn’t lose it to a stranger you met at the pub.   I didn’t lose it to the hot chick you dated from my college

Letter to the Virtual Lover

Dear you,   If I sit down and contemplate, I’d find pieces of you, sprinkled all over my days; and nights come with the mosaic that it had already painted

Come Back

I wrote to you like a dutiful child. The white of the paper covered with news about the hen peck on my leg, the new kittens and squiggles that felt