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I Will Fix You

  I am the moment; The moment at the back of your spine Which crawls up inch by inch, And embraces your neckline.   Traces of stardust fall all around

I, Chicken

I’ve been cramped up inside this small cage for far too long. The steel wires are constantly abrading my feathers, leaving me a little more naked with each passing minute.


The glare of the bright lights on the stage blinded him for a moment. His heart was in an overdrive and he was afraid that the audience could hear it

Google Maps

“Bhaiya, you have to drop me off first,” were the first words which fell on my ears as I got into the Uber which I had booked to return home


People dream of going places, And claim of being driven by wanderlust. But unbeknownst to them, I have travelled more than most. I have seen places That no one has

Who to Blame?

She hadn’t been taking his calls which agitated him off limits. He had been asking everybody about her but to no avail. After hours of search, he finally found her.

The Purple Mango

Mangoes are not just fruits, they are tiny time machines. Each time I dig my teeth into a juicy mango, I am transported to the time when I used to


* Seventeen years ago *   “Don’t go to school if you won’t be having your breakfast,” Ma shouted from the kitchen.   Reluctantly, I shoved another spoonful of cornflakes