True Feminism

Remember the time when women had no voting rights? Or the time when they were denied equal educational opportunities and treated only as a functioning womb? Oops, you probably don’t. You have probably never seen those times.


Let me tell you that neither have I. But that’s not the point. The point is something that has been forgotten amidst the pro- and the anti- noise. I will give you a small example. This team has fifty writers, most of whom are women. But most readers usually denote the admin with masculine pronouns like “He”.


Somehow, a writer is automatically assumed to be a man. Ditto for other professions. Consider this – A Doctor. A Lawyer. An Accountant. Most people would automatically use masculine pronouns for these words, despite the fact that all three professions are white-collar, and do not require any real physical strength. The reason is not because most readers are misogynist. The reason is something that has been forgotten completely.

Here is a fact – women were once treated like spit, like dirt, like something inferior. They were not given equal rights – right to access places, right to education, right to elect etc. Until one day, someone decided that enough was enough, and that women needed their rights too. Come to think of it, the first feminists were probably men. And hence was born the concept of feminism. And thanks to them, things changed.


True feminists are sincere workers who work tirelessly towards improving the lives of the womenfolk. And why should they not? If a particular class of people has been treated unfairly, why should they pretend to work for the betterment of both men and women when clearly it’s the women who need the additional bit of support and not the men? It’s quite obvious that when someone wants to eradicate poverty, he aims to help the poor and not the rich. The rich can help themselves.


And this is what True Feminism is all about.

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