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Call me old-fashioned if you want to, but I have never quite liked how ‘love’ has increasingly become about bodies and less about the minds (call it the heart, just for romanticism’s sake).
Not all people are like that, but many are. The older people I know tell me that things weren’t this way in the older days. People were brought up on black and white movies, and satellite television was virtually non-existent. Nudity and pornography existed only in the form of magazines.

Some men still had the habit of ogling, but barring some very cheap ones, men ogled mostly at a woman’s face, and seldom at their bodies. I remember that a decade ago, the ‘posterior’ wasn’t even considered to be something related to sex-appeal among the general populace.

It probably began with the invasion of the hip-hop culture, when a plump ‘posterior’ suddenly became the next ‘eyes’ and ‘lips’ (Of course, our ancient Indian culture does include descriptions where the ‘ample’ bosoms and hips are mentioned as a desirable trait, but those weren’t as tasteless as the present-day innuendos are).

The people seem to be loving this shift in outlook. They seem to have taken these new evolving forms of love and attractiveness in their stride.

But I hate that. Give me a face to look at, eyes to stare into, lips to kiss, and a hand to hold, just like the good old days, and I will be happy with that, at least till the time we know each other well enough to go all the way.

Let me love the complete human being, because I cannot love just parts of a body.

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