Every time I sit beneath the sheath of moonless sky, I let my thoughts seep into the cavity of my heart so that I don’t feel empty. But thoughts are like the fabricated ideas and false beliefs that don’t replenish any space, but in fact, drink it all so as to evacuate it.


And then the feeling of loneliness gradually nuzzles my neck and embraces my body. I sit helpless and let it dwell in my mind, where he rules as a majestic king.

This emptiness is like that stormy wind that pushes the door of your house, even when you try to shut it tight. But the locks don’t work, and fiercely, he steps inside to blow away your peace. And you let your hair dance in the air, with fear pouring onto your head, giving rise to a trembling voice that whispers, “Will he stay here forever?”


You are sitting with a group of pretty faces and beautiful smiles who are laughing altogether on a joke. You know you get the joke, but you don’t laugh. Because this monster is sitting somewhere inside your mouth, holding your teeth. You know every face around you, but they look like strangers.


And then you will have people who will whisper in your ears, that solitude is your best friend. And then you want them to understand, that solitude and loneliness are like the two flavours of ice cream. Solitude is the mouth-watering flavour you buy when you want to. Even though it tastes good, you will still not want to have it forever. But, loneliness is the flavour your ice-cream vendor forcefully makes you eat. And, life is that stupid ice-cream vendor.


Well, sometimes you want to sit beneath the canopies of trees in the forest of solitude. But, sometimes you want to be like that leaf who doesn’t cling to a branch alone. Sometimes, you don’t want to be alone. Sometimes you want a friend to keep a hand on your shoulders, to bring you back to reality while you lose yourself in the mist of loneliness.


And sometimes, when you can’t find, you have to be that friend.



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