Life Of A Breath

It is always about the priorities, they say.
Sometimes its about the emotions that drive you away.

It is said, it’s always the bigger things that matter,
small things are tucked under them as the latter.

The little mistakes here and there that you rue,
stick to your past like the strongest glue.

It’s about those sinister smiles that never leave your side,
from which you can neither run nor you can hide.

It’s always about the society, you see.
Ignoring you with indifference, trashing all your pleas.

It’s about the four people that would care
and not about the filthy, disgusting stares.

They feel the only possible way out
is to hand her over to a family without a second doubt.

For them, it is all a matter of pride!
To drain everything,they can,from the bride.

For the girl’s family, it is about keeping the so-called name of ancestors
and not about those troublesome pesters.

It’s not the delicate girl that they need,
It’s the golds and riches they pay heed to.

Bulks and bulks are never enough,
life of the girl is always rough.

Those lovely rosy lips are meant to be stitched with silence,
mind and body bearing the unbearable violence.

The blades and needles just work on the flesh and skin,
It’s the depression and helplessness that kills the soul deep within.
But she finally gets rid of that pain,
for she is in the best possible way, slain.

Since that day, she is free from all the boundaries and pests,
As in a graveyard, under the flowers, she finally rests.

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