Jumping the Gun

The recent Jasleen Kaur case has become the talk of town. It is an interesting story as well, and has had a lot of twists and turns. Everyone has joined the debate about who was right or wrong and it has led to many people in the country sharing their opinions. But, the thing that has become the most prominent to me in all of this is how desperate the men of this country have become.


Whatever the circumstances of the incident were, they have already been talked about exhaustively and I don’t think a consensus can ever be reached. At this point, the narrative has been changed so many times that I don’t believe any one of them to be absolutely honest. That’s beside the point, though. As soon as the fact came to light that Jasleen wasn’t particularly truthful in her original account, the men of the country began rejoicing as if they had won a grand lottery. They congratulated each other, threw a party or two and told each other,“You know what, Fellow Indian Men? These women have been taking advantage of us for a long time; it’s time they were shown their place!”


Now, I’m not saying that I support Jasleen – or Sarvjeet for that matter – my point is that this one incident doesn’t change the fact that women in this country are treated abhorrently. The acts of one Delhi girl won’t change the million other incidents in which innocent women were molested or tortured. People are behaving as if this incident has changed the course of history.


This isn’t to imply that all men think the same way, or that only the people of one gender do so. We need to learn to take these incidents on a case-by-case basis and not try to generalize everything that we read or hear. Yes, men can also be taken advantage of and we need to see both sides of the coin. But, to behave like all women are opportunistic and manipulative is really wrong for the society we’re living in now. If this leads to girls being afraid of reporting any misdeed done to them, then we need to do a serious evaluation of our stand on crime against women.


The social media bubble has become one of constant shaming. And though it’s right to find the truth about something, let’s do it in a civilized way and not paint a bad picture of us after all that we’ve been through. In trying to take a step forward, let’s not take two steps back.


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