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Many times we see someone who needs help and we wish we could help them. Now, an amazing initiative is helping to make that a real possibility. You can give someone the gift of a better livelihood. It could be your driver, the carpenter who hammers nails into wood for a living, the boy who delivers your pizza, or anyone else who is underprivileged and needs your support to gain a sustainable livelihood. The ICICI Foundation is making this possible by providing free skills training, and all of this is just a few clicks away.

To know how, watch this video and visit now to refer someone who needs to learn skills to grow in life.


One Small Step From You Can Change Someone’s LifeA heart-warming initiative is helping people like me and you gift a livelihood to the less privileged. Check out to know more about how you can be a part of this effort. But first, watch this video to get inspired.

Posted by The Anonymous Writer on Thursday, January 14, 2016


“Will you give it to me, sir? I will pay you a few extra bucks for it,” Manoj, a scrap dealer, asks when the owner of an old book refuses to give it away with the stack of discarded newspapers.

The owner, now quite obviously taken aback, asks why the latter had to deal in scrap when his interest lay in books.



It turns out that after his father’s early demise, Manoj was compelled to quit school and continue with his father’s scrap dealing business, for the sake of his family.



The only thing that remained unchanged was his urge to learn. What was scrap for hundreds of households was a goldmine for Manoj. He filled his shelves with discarded books, that helped him continue with his education in the late hours of the night.


“I have always had a dream, sir. To learn a little more,” Manoj says. 

Help someone like Manoj fulfill his dreams by joining the #GiftALivelihood initiative.



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