“You’re no fun!”

That’s what people think of me when I tell them that I don’t drink, don’t smoke, have never been to a club, and have no inclination to either. To them, I’m not ‘cool’ and to be honest, it bugs me a little, but not in the way that one might assume. I see a lot of people who go out to discos and bars and all that, and have a lot of fun too. I feel happy for them. It’s a lifestyle that I’m not really fond of, but that wouldn’t make me hate them, you see? I’m okay with their choices, and I just wish that they were okay with mine. That’s all.

reactid=”.2s.1:5:1:$comment489227614585766_489241284584399:0.0.$right.0.$left.0.0.1.$comment-body.0.3.0.$end:0:$text15:0″ />My idea of ‘fun’ is much different than theirs, is all. I’d rather spend my time watching a movie, reading a book, or jamming out to an album, rather than getting drunk or jumping around in the club. I’d rather spend time with someone and get to know one another, rather than getting so high that we forget who we are. And the last part is what most people say is their idea of fun. That you have such a blast that you escape from this world. And that’s totally cool with me. I’m an advocate of escapism and if doing that makes one forget their pains for a while, I fully support it. But, I’m someone who’d rather take that time in having a better understanding of me and the world around.

No matter how much we run, our lives always catch up to us. And I’d argue that rather than constantly forgetting about it, we’d be better off embracing it and changing it from the inside rather than trying to heal it in materialistic ways.

I guess the point of all this is that we’re all wired in different ways. Different people have different ideas about how they’re willing to spend their time, and just because one lifestyle doesn’t suit you, it doesn’t make the other one the stuff of devils. Honey Singh and Stephen King are both popular, you know?



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