The number of female commuters was much more than that of male commuters on the bus. As a result, almost all the seats in the bus were occupied by females belonging to a wide age range. Some of the male commuters were standing near the rear door of the vehicle, while others were standing near the seats that were not reserved for ladies. But none of them asked the women to get up and let them sit. They didn’t ask for much. They just wished men and women were equal.


“Excuse me, you have seats reserved for you. We don’t. Could you please get up and let me sit? I am feeling sick,” one of the men said to a woman. They called him a male chauvinist pig.




She looked at her brother, who was busy playing with the new remote-controlled car their father had bought him. Then she glanced at the new Barbie doll lying on her bed. She wanted a remote-controlled car too. She didn’t ask for much. She just wished their father would buy them the same toys.

She coerced her brother into letting her play with the car. She was slapped by her father for playing with her brother’s toys while she had her own.



He belonged to a middle-class family. He walked the three kilometers distance between his home and school. She was the daughter of a very rich businessman. She traveled the 900 hundred meters distance between her home and school in a wine-colored Honda Civic. He scored 92% in his board exams, but still couldn’t get admission into the college of his choice. She scored 83%, and still got into one of the top colleges of the city. He didn’t ask for much. He just wished people didn’t get reservations on the basis of caste.
“Why the hell did she get the reservations? They’re so rich!” He asked, frustrated. Everyone chided him, saying that he didn’t want the lower castes to develop.



It was their ninth date together. They walked slowly, looking at numerous couples making out under the trees in the park, and wished they could do the same, without being made fun of. Looking at each other, they smiled wryly. They didn’t ask for much. They just wished homosexuals and heterosexuals could do the same things. Unable to control himself, he kissed his lover. Everyone laughed at them, calling them ‘faggots’.


We all say that we support equality, but do we? Then why are we standing in the crowd, laughing and calling them names, chiding people for not wanting development for the lower castes, slapping our own daughters, or tagging people as male chauvinist pigs?
It’s the time to change. No, not the world, but ourselves. Let’s change ourselves before attempting to change the world. Let’s grow up.


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