A Letter to the Society

Respected Society,


Despite being screwed in a million ways, I expected you to give me one simple thing. Acceptance.


I find myself to be Rizwan from My Name Is Khan, speaking to everyone that yes, I’m a Muslim and no, I’m not a terrorist. I find it hard to survive in the Indian area of the internet because of the hatred that people here have for my religion.


Tell me, is it my mistake that I’m born a Muslim in India? Is it my mistake that I’m a theist and that I love my religion? Tell me who gave everybody a right to condemn my beliefs just because they have a problem with them? Who gave everybody a right to judge me on religious grounds? How does me being a Muslim makes me less of a human?


I’ll tell you why I’m saying this. It is because I find hate filled posts for my religion on bakra-eid. It is because I’m being looked upon as a troublemaker just because some crazy people from my religion are creating a nuisance around the world. It is because people don’t want to understand that I am what my upbringing is, that I am what my morals and values are.


Yes I sacrifice animals because my religion asks me to. Yes I cover myself because I love how it gives me a personal sense of security. Yes I believe in the existence of God. And please tell me how does all this affect someone else’s way of life? Are animals sacrificed only on one day of the year? Are they not eaten round the year by the youth all around the nation, regardless of what religion they belong to? Do girls not cover themselves when they get out in the sun or when they feel some discomfort with the unwanted stares? So what if I do it in the name of religion and everybody else does it because of science and free will?


My religion teaches me to be patient and calm. My religion doesn’t ask me to kill people. My religion doesn’t ask me to destroy homes. It just teaches me how to love my brethren.

Is it my mistake that some people belonging to my religion are killing others because they have misconceptions? Is it my mistake that such people exist in my religion who destroy lives because of their rigid madness? Do we not have a good and a bad side to everything on this earth, then be it a human or a religion?


I’m living in a secular country who has given me a fundamental right in the constitution to follow whichever religion I want to. But in reality, the mindsets I’m surrounded by are unsecular and biased. I don’t feel free to post on the internet about the beliefs I have. I don’t feel free to express my opinion publicly.


Nowadays I see many atheists speaking against religion. Tell me now, are atheists not those people who have nothing to do with any religion whatsoever? If they had the right to opt out of believing in God, do I not have the right to believe in God? What does anybody have to do with what I believe in, as long as I’m not doing anything inhuman? Are we not humans before getting divided into castes and races?


I’m just an ordinary girl who has dreams and hopes like everybody else, who has interests and hobbies just like any other person. So why can’t people see me for what I am as a person instead of seeing me for who I believe in?


You act like you know everything. Well then tell me how would you feel if you were treated like an outcast? How would you handle everybody’s hate for that one thing you dearly love?


I know you won’t have an answer to any of these questions. I just want you all to realize the amount of hurt you’re causing me because of your inability to differentiate my personality from my religious beliefs.


I request you to see me as a human.


Freedom is what I ask for, realization is what I request for.


An ordinary Muslim girl


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