A Letter to a Daughter

Dear daughter,


I guess it’s time for one of those mother-daughter talks. I could’ve simply talked to you but I’m writing this letter because it gives me the freedom to talk at length without being disturbed by your phone’s beeping of messages or Facebook notifications.


I often see you standing in front of the dressing table which is cluttered with skin-lightening creams, bleaches & cosmetics. I see you concealing your face with layer upon layer of foundation; rubbing creams into the pores of your chocolatey skin as if it were a sin to be dusky.


You might think I consider myself blessed to be endowed with a creamy complexion & a beautiful face, but I considered it a curse at times. I always attracted attention from all the wrong kind of boys & I could never understand whether they loved my face, body or soul. Talk about having an identity crisis for being pretty! When I finally did like a boy, I found that he loved someone else.


So, I’ll tell you what I learnt & it was this; there will always be someone prettier, smarter or funnier than you, but never another you.

If you feel sorry about your skin just because it is dark in colour, then what message are you sending out to the girls whose skin has been burnt by acid?


The colour of your skin in which you’re wrapped in doesn’t matter, what matters is the gift inside you. You are not your skin colour or your body; you are your thoughts, your actions, your ideas & your virtues.


So, my love, don’t fret about your skin, because it will get wrinkled one day, but your heart never will. Your soul will always shine brighter than your skin.


Love a man who loves you for the curve of your lips, the mischievous spark in your eyes, the beauty of your soul. Love a man who loves you for your soul because it is eternal. And, he shall see the beauty in you just like I do, every time.


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