Music To Watch Boys To

To the point- she marvels the art of slow murder with her pillowy music making. Lana Del Rey’s newest downtempo record ‘Music To Watch Boys To’ from her album Honeymoon is meticulously layered with perpetually muted bass beats, mood-setting piano and lamenting violin.


The singer had recently released the Honeymoon sampler which had a visually noirish short snippet of this song featuring Lana Del Rey and four others in mermaid hair floating underwater, and undoubtedly, there is the usual dreamy touch to this song.


There seems to be a pattern of uniqueness in every record from her recent album. While High By The Beach was unexpectedly upbeat, and Terrence Loves You exhibited an uplifting transition from a melancholic bluesy start, this song is intruded by a lulling tribal flute that sets a tone different from that most of her previous works.


One would find a blend of her silvery pitch and her misty contralto throughout used to portray the love and wrath for the boys, clearly evident in the words:


And I love to love you
And I live to love you, boy

Nothing gold can stay
Like love or lemonade
Or sun or summer days
It’s all a game to me anyway


That apart, there’s some use of surreal imagery in the song, for instance ‘Blue ribbons on ice’, the impact of which is something better experienced through the track itself.




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