Lana Del Rey’s High By The Beach

Okay, first things first. This is definitely not the best Lana Del Rey track, not even remotely close. It lacks the melancholy strains of Blue Jeans, the haunting melody of Summertime Sadness or the vibrato and noir vibe of Shades Of Cool.  High By The Beach has very little of the trademark Lana Del Rey imprint.


And that’s perhaps what works for this track too!


Lana Del Rey’s High By The Beach has a faster tempo than possibly every other original track by the artist. This is not necessarily a bad thing, considering that upbeat music usually ends up sounding catchy.

The song is not surreal like some of her best works have been. It is more like a cross between an orchestra-heavy Born To Die – Paradise Edition and a less grand Ultraviolence, and one can’t really blame the artist, after all she has to keep reinventing herself to avoid getting repetitive.


What works for this track big time is the fact that Lana Del Rey has never produced a song like this before. After the first listen is done, you will want to form an opinion about this song, and possibly feel the same way as I do, but then to cement your perception you will have to listen to this song again, and that’s when you will fall in love with the soft, soothing melody of this track (I wrote this review after only one listen, and I am pretty sure a second listen would alter my views too).


Overall, this could be a great song for those not quite addicted to the quintessential Lana Del Rey sound, and a breath of fresh air for her die-hard fans. Plus, she looks absolutely stunning in this video, an added bonus for those for whom there is no better wine than her.


Check the video out and see for yourself.


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