Your Best Memory

Remember me in the creases of your grey cotton shirt as you fold it back and return it to the top right corner of your cupboard, where it feels at home again.

Remember me as you pass the street-side food-stalls, smiling to yourself about all the flavors we never tasted because I was always so paranoid about contracting some incurable disease.
Remember me in the one and a half teaspoonful of sugar, as you make your way to the kitchen, with eyes still almost-shut, for your Sunday morning coffee.
Remember me as the mist crawls into your blanket on cold, spooky nights and leaves you restless, tossing and turning on the bed, drifting in and out of sleep.
Remember me in the flashes of the ghosts stories, as she silently tiptoes into the room, wakes you up with a warm whisper: “This time, I won’t let you get away!” and then bursts into peals of laughter at your reaction.
Remember me in the smile that lightens up your face when you realize that she honestly means it; that this time around, you finally found someone who wouldn’t let you go.
Remember me as you accidentally cut your thumb while carelessly chopping onions for that new fish recipe you discovered recently, and then blame the onions for the tears.
Remember me in the stories you narrate, of the great Mughal emperors and prophets, who – you say – taught you the essence of humility and humanity.


Remember me as the neighborhood kids flock around to listen to these stories, with twinkling eyes, glittering minds; and just when you’re done and about to leave, offer you their hands in the hopes of seeing you again.
Remember me in the scent of roses as you walk across the meadows, with that bewitching, dreamy look in your eyes, as you silently drink in all the brilliant hues of the world.
Remember me in the music of your voice, in the symphony of all the things you were too afraid to share, as you hum a tune you once lost under a rubble of inessential words, because someone ignorant once told you that words – and only words – were magic.
Remember me in the folds of your palm as her velvet fingers entwine around yours, the ring on her forefinger leaving just a touch of coldness against the warmth of your skin.
Remember me in the loose grip of their hands, as the distance in their eyes tug at your heartstrings and you finally decide to build them a home for the night.
Remember me as the dewdrops on the grass-blades fall gently onto your toes and as the fragility of this life dawns upon you again like a familiar, yet vague realization.
Remember me in the sunset that awes you a little too much and you run out of adjectives trying to describe it, because neither ‘spectacular’, nor ‘stunning’ seems to capture enough of its beauty.
Remember me as the wind teases your locks, or gently pushes them away from your eyes.
Remember me as you watch the sun smile for one last time and then, take a dive into the clouds, making them blush a bright red.
Remember me in the sound of a hushed ‘goodbye’ as the last bus-driver, herds the passengers in – because we had neither the time, nor the words for a befitting farewell.


Forget the pain.
Forget the expectations.
Forget the fears.
Forget the lack of eye contact.
Forget the lack of pretty pictures.
Forget the lack of beauty.
Forget the nights I made you stay up.
Forget the stories I kept to myself.
Forget the stories that led to your nightmares.


Of all the things that I could be,
If I could ever choose what I mean to you,
I would always choose to be
Just your best memory.



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