Don’t be afraid to be

Who you are.

Be you, with no apology.

Be the first lie you told your mother

and did not come clean for, after.

Be the regret of wanting to work like your father,

at Eighteen, but ended up somewhere far off.

Be the first cigarette that touched your lips

or when you touched a girl, with no feelings.


Be your 3 AM on the loneliest day

or when the pain had almost washed you away.

Be the first threat you issued instead of walking out

or the bloody lips from a brawl.

Be the first time you asked for more

when you knew you didn’t deserve anything at all.


Be your first drink and everything you did after it.

Be the first wound you tried to lick on your own

or the secret you kept from everyone.

Be the time you woke up all alone and were glad

or stood silent when people walked away from your life.


Be the first time you broke someone’s trust

or the time you let someone be accused

of doing something you did.

Be the first bad word you uttered

and liked how it rolled off your tongue.

Bring forth the shame and regret that you carry on your shoulders.


Be everything you were,

and are,

and don’t want to be anymore.

Be the shame, be the sin, be the bearer of all your dirty deeds.

Be the pain, be the secrets, be everything you hate to be.

Be you, unapologetically.

And come to me with everything.


Bare your soul to the last layer

and see how I don’t flinch a bit.

Be naked-

body and soul and see me touch you with the same love.

I have already seen your light, be your darkest now.

I love you.


I will stand in those shadows and tell you

I love you with your dark and I love you with your light.

I will choose both every time.


I will tell you about the flowers that bloom in midnight.

I will tell you about how light needs a crack to enter in.

I will tell you about your eyes and everything they hold inside.

I will tell you that you are not what you do. Or what you did.

I will tell you how your hands help the weary.

I will tell you how kind your smile is.


I will tell you about the weight your shoulder carries.

I will tell you how you wept up at your grandfather’s grave.

I will tell you no matter what, your mother loves you.

I will tell you how your father is proud.

I will tell you at one point everything is forgiven.

I will tell you to be not so hard on yourself.

I will tell you, you are made of something good.

I will remind you to love yourself.

And I will love you when you don’t.

I will tell you are beautiful.

I will tell you, you don’t need to be perfect.

I will tell you, I love you.

I love you.

I love YOU.

You are so beautiful

And I love you.




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