In between the crest and trough of your chest,
I had found the place to rest my head on.
When you had called me Beautiful
In your semi-conscious state,
I felt all the insecurities absconding eventually.
When you had sought me out,
In your dreams, calling out my name,
I wondered, was it possible to love you
More than I already did?


I had acknowledged the irrelevance of the words
I’d been forging to befit the love
That I had for you.
I still have.
Perhaps that’s why I am setting my foot
In your place, where I’d vowed I would never be.
But love is about these petty abandoned promises
We make each day, that we know
Can never be kept by us.
Perhaps our love wanted to witness
How two lovers seek each other
After a long harsh tortuous separation.


You hold my hand, pull me in.
The ambrosial and sanctified kiss follows,
Which is reminding me that
I’ll always swim in the ocean of your heart
And will always sail till the existence of your being.
The clock tick-tocks
Time was never in favor of us.
I beg it to stay still
So that I can encapsulate every pain, every wrinkle and scar
Of your skin with my love.


It feels like I was living another aghast life.
Like this is the life I deserve,
When we held each other.
I know, we had decided
That the aperture of our togetherness
Was too wide, and we can’t lessen it.
Because all of the world has clasped our feet
With its hoggish chains.
The world always wins anyway.
But my heart was never fettered and perished.
And now, when I’m laying myself at such a close proximity of you,
Can you hear, it still chants your name,
Secretly and inaudibly.


The clock strikes seven,
And there’s some love you can’t survive.
I know it is too early for me to leave.
I pull myself away from you, reluctantly.
My heart and soul refuse to leave,
But I threaten them.
With the gush of wind chilling my back
And with the expelled lump in my throat,
I look into your agonizing eyes
And I am assured of the passion and love
That will only be for me. Forever.
You are where all my path lead to,
Will see you someday again, be it in my dream.

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