Wild Rose

Broken petals;
Insomniac nights;
Drenched pillows;
Full moon painted
Black walls with silver
Throwing light
Upon the cold body
Scrunched up on the carpet
Hugging its knees


Neon touches
And pastel whispers
You blended into my life
Like the colours of a painting
Making a door on my walls
To walk right through
My great fort.
Cold coffee and,
Steaming tea
We drank toasts of life
On simple joys
Walking aimlessly
Through singing streets
Or silent alleys
Lacing our fingers together
As we breathed in the city
And the thrill of the unknown turn
Waiting for a dead end
Just to take another turn;
Another path.
I was an open book
With a cover of knots
You untangled
To read me,
To leave me more tangled.
Your burning words of love
Were like hearts of coal,
Pumping warmth through my veins
Only to leave my heart in ashes.
Diaries filled;
Letters written,
Literary fuel gushed.
An illusion of laughter,
An ache that cracked the soul
Like the barren lands
Of the desert
That was once a grassland
With the winds of memories
Spreading the cold
Of what was,
As the broken pieces reminded the heart
It wasn’t allowed to feel what it once felt
And what it yearned to still feel.
I wanted to reek of hatred
A lie my soul couldn’t don,
Cradling the past
In the sweetness of honey
Leaving smiles that touched the eyes
With the dimples of grief.
Broken petals;
Insomniac nights;
Drenched pillows;
As I broke under the masks
Of normalcy
Wanting to be held
By you
Only to break a bit more
As the broken edges cut in the realization
That sometimes
Even dreams hurt.


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