Who Am I?

 Who am I?
A magician to light up your life,
Wandering in the darkness of his haunted ecstasies.
A saint who doesn’t mind a sin,
A philanthropist with a sadistic ideology,
A vegetarian who loves chicken,
Too tempting to resist,
Too sinistral to pursue.


Who am I?
A misogynist masqueraded behind the curtains of feminism,
A homophobic who craves for blood,
A coward with relentless courage,
A loyal person with a treacherous mindset,
A terrorist with an innocent soul,
Too arrogant to defy,
Too shallow to accept.

Who am I?
An albino with darkish complexions,
A door of death to let out life,
A bright sun on a hazy morning,
A harbinger of certitude with an aura of ambiguity,
An odd among evens’
Too good to fear,
Too nasty to ignore.


Who am I?
A perplexed mind with a clear conscience,
An amicable personality with a taste for confinement,
A celibate with sexual fantasies,
A damp oasis in an arid desert,
A pauper with an enormous appetite,
Too rebellious to tolerate,
Too tough to obliterate.


Who am I?
A puritanical adulterer,
A reliable traitor,
A libertine preacher,
A serious comedian,
A heartless lover,
A flaccid Perfectionist,
Too illusive to trust,
Too genuine to reject.


I am Life,
With a face of contradictory indifferences,
I am Everything,
I am Nothing.


Image Source: pixabay.com


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