I walk through the alleys;
Alleys that whisper memories into my ears,
Entwining a cold warmth with my heart.
It’s funny how these memories work.
They fill my emptiness
With another vacuum.
I don’t know how this works,
Do you?
These memories
That I cradle in all endearment.
Except now, I cradle an empty cot
With the ghost of memories,
Echoing off the walls of my soul.
My soul that you imprinted on,
Reminding me of you,
Of a time I once lived,
Of a love I once had.
I don’t know how this works,
Do you?
For I stand here,
Under the dome of love
That I walked into holding your hand.
But while I learnt how to choose to love you,
You forgot to teach me
How to un-love you


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