Towards You

A self-imposed exile from love’s territory,
Shutting out grains of sunlight,
Rendering myself untouchable,
In bounded and fortified high walls,
Nursing and licking wounds,
With echoes of silence.


One fine day, the spell of drought broke,

Love drops drenched my cracked up soul,
Seeping, running and mixing with blood,
Minutes and seconds tinted with love,
My breath carrying your name, fragrant and misty.
Now, I see you, feel you, and keep you,
With me, like roses found amidst pages of books,
Like a secret unspoken to the world,
Rivers of my existence, as if, on a sojourn to meet high seas,
Ever and ever, I move towards you,



Like a prodigal homebound,
Lost and vanquished,
Through days and nights,
I pen, lore of love, small or grand,
Of you, of nights that lay between us,
Of dreams strung and tied to you,
Like a man possessed,
Like a child with dreams of trips to a fairy land.
Ever and ever, I inch towards you…!


~ Shaharyaar Kamaal Siddiqui | Edited by Indu Arakkal


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