Too Different To Love

You do not fall in love with people like me.
We scream into the vacuum,
and long to be heard.
We drink till we are out of our senses, and puke madly.
Smoke till we cough our lungs out.
Fall in love, such that it suffocates you.
Lying crumpled under the sheets in sun, facing fits of hangover.
We kiss the strangeness with which the world, treats us as madmen.
We love the company of humans that the world counts filthy;
And smoke away our skins, the golden sands.
We mock the human race, passing over the joint of sadness,

 ‘How sad could humans get,

Still finding love and beauty,
In the glow of the flesh,
That will wither away,
And long for love again.’

We are bodied and damaged souls, far beyond repair.

Crumbs of dead skin.
Marrying the beauty of the soul, growing inside you slowly.
Making love to the impalpable wounds.

People like me,

Are just too human,
To fall in love with.
~ Abhijit Singh | Edited By Afreen Zeb




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