To My Son With Love

The ticker is ticking, and so are you,
And let me now reveal, I’ll be true,
When it strikes the right chord, you’ll be gone,
Tearing me apart, as the days yawn.


You’ll depart to a far off land,
Carried away by its underlying sand,
But someone will be out there,
Awaiting your arrival, one who’ll care.


With poignant grief in my stricken heart,
Standing at this point, we’re miles apart,
And you’ll be out there, touring the world with your wife,
And I’ll still be here, smiling over your successful life.


Because they say we were never meant to be,
And maybe that’s the truth, the way it seems to me,
Because in this zipping journey, I tried,
In all circumstances, to be by your side.


It’s not that we got lost,
But life made me pay a good cost,
And because, my love, you’re gone,
Life awaits its final dawn.


But hey perfectionist! Hold on to your dream
Because you’re like the appealing white cream,
That doesn’t really know its worth,
But has levitated from the dearth.


Because happiness comes with time,
And you’re like a kid’s rhyme,
Loved, rejoiced and sung along,
To my heart, that’s where you belong.


And I’ll smile at your success one day,
Because life’s mysterious, I’d say,
And because that ray of hope isn’t far away,
And hey, I know, I’ll be okay.


By Tarang Chauhan

(Edited by Afreen Zeb)


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