To Fall In Love

They will tell you
to fall in love
Not with a person
Or with a thing
But to fall in love
with yourself first.


But with eyes
Smeared with kohl
From crying all night,
Scars on your wrists
And all the days spent
Hiding from the light
You’ll wonder
over and over again
What they exactly talk about
When they say what they say
And urge you to love what you hate
All of this, without a doubt.

When that happens
Remember what I tell you now:
You are a collection, baby
Of the most beautiful masterpieces
Of broken bones and cracked skin,
Of suffering and reality;
Of truth lurking in the depth of your sad smile
You are the happiness
That finds its way
through struggles and sadness,
through heartbreak and pain,
through insignificance and worthlessness
Like the sunlight that caresses on a cold day,
Or the wind that blows on a starry summer night,
You are all the more beautiful.


You deserve love
More than anyone else
Because you’ve seen so much
Suffered so much
That now there is place only for love
There is time only for healing
The cuts and bruises that line your skin
will soon seal but they will leave their mark
They will seal with the beauty that is you
and they will remain to show
How strong you’ve been
You, darling,
Deserve to be loved
More than anyone else
You deserve love
From the most beautiful person
You deserve love from yourself.

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