The Sparks In Our Stars

Sometimes I wonder if stars are sparks,
Of the eyes that refused to be lost,
In the engulfing darkness of sorrow.
Still cradling a tear or two, perhaps.
For I see the sparks twinkle,
As if inciting underneath a puddle,
Of tears full of hope.


I guess that is why
I lure to make a wish,
When a star chooses to fall.


Yes, they fall but not in trounce,
But to flaunt their valor to the skies.
For their spark didn’t cease to quiver,
Till they were destined to perish.

Sometimes I wonder if the stars are sparks,
Of the eyes of slaughtered hopes.
Waiting to die again.
They’re the ones not destined to fall,
But fade.
And be the darkness that envelops them.


I believe we’re all sparks,
Like stars that embellish the galaxies.
Our destiny lies in what spark we choose to be.



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