The Raven And The King

The black bird screeched, her smile a little coy,
‘I live where there is man’,
Her voice quivered with joy,
A place as heaven where there shall be no ban,
Then why the faces near,
Do seem so bland?
‘Food!’ she exclaimed;
Hunger made her cry,
She flew to have it claimed,
Her throat very dry.
A man ate it all,
Though he seemed a little shy.
‘You ate my food,
Answer me why!’
‘They won’t let me have it,
And I know not reason why.
They talk big words,
And all the time they pry.
As I eat it all,
They will have me slain.
They will play the trick of God,
And gift me pain.’
The King entered the duel,
And he wore a big crown,
His hands were cruel,
And he looked like a clown.
The man shivered with shame,
And dropped his eyes.
Told the bird to do the same,
‘You do not know his might!’
The king saw the bird,
Seated on a heap,
And then he saw the food,
‘Good Lord this is meat!’
And then there was havoc,
The king cursed the raven,
‘You disgust my land
And create such chaos!’
‘Tell me your religion,’
The king yelled, ‘Tell me at once!’
The bird sat stunned,
For she knew she had none.
She tried to explain,
‘Let me say, your highness’
But she knew it was a waste,
For those eyes knew no kindness.
‘You stained my town’,
The king said to his soldiers,
‘Put her down’
The man looked over their shoulders.
The black bird smiled,
‘I thought it was humanity’,
She spit in spite,
‘What is lost is the sanity’.
‘I live where there is man’
Her voice spelled disgust,
‘I would rather die than stay here,
If at all I must.’
The king was proud,
‘None shall touch food,
For this defies my Lord!’
Then God shrunk a little,
For He knew He had lost.
~ Neha Bisht  | Edited by Afreen Zeb




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