The Rage of Age

The rage of age,

Is the reminder of the ideas of freedom,

Ajar, yet hypocritical.

Casually threatened, curtailed and blinded,

Among lies, agendas,

Set in the veins of an anarchical narcissist,

Keeping fear at bay,

Striking with hunger, gun powder, democracy,

Lunacy, yet behind the hesitant expression of shock

That reminds the torn conscience,

The swollen lungs of the little baby’s face,

Muddled in the sand.

The rage of the common man in the wake,

Sharing, reading, writing, drawing, sculpting.

Empathetic, sympathetic.

Pieces that draw the emotional attention

To the condemning act of inhumanity,

Black clothes, peace riots, broken promises,

Blame games, unapologetic diplomacy,

Yet, which harbors the hope for a better future,

That prays before it sleeps,

To The God that restores the faith

Of the daughter in the warm arms

Of her refugee mother,

When she says that it will be alright.


~ Jeswin Varghese| Edited by Afreen Zeb


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