The One With The Counting

Do you remember,
The time we spent together
During power cuts in childhood
With suppressed giggles
Under moonlit nights
You with your bare, hairless chest
And a pair of pyjamas
With holes that I counted
The whole night.

And on nights
With the stars looking
Down upon us
As we lay,
Talking and laughing,
Counting the stars
As if we could.
And do you remember
The days we spent
With you counting
The times I would jiggle my legs
Which was always, incessantly
(I can still see you shaking your head. You get irritated rather easily.)
And now as you sleep beside me,
With your belly pressed to the bed,
And your mouth half open,
I count the moles on your bare skin
As I wrap a sheet around myself.
I walk away from you and the bed
To the open window
To count
The number of days we have been together,
And the number of nights,
And all the times
When I thought
That the counting has to stop.
But instead
I just count the number of
Times you snore,
And the number of times it makes me smile,
Because you, love
Are someone
I can always count on.


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