The Manuscript

The story remains intact and the characters changed throughout the script,
The pace and the connections of characters controlled the drift.
The protagonist became egoistic thinking no one can harm,
But a little character became a heartthrob and came out of the swarm.
The battle begun when the Paraclete
lost the control,
The ego burned its connection with people becoming a sprawl.
The little character gained affection through its pernicious backdrop,
Becoming the heart throb was its
life-changing jackpot.
Should I make the ego win or the truth?
Thought the writer,
He wanted to make the manuscript
shine brighter.
So, he penned down something which wasn’t thought by anyone,


A new character was created, entered the story with the rising sun.
The third character was the writer himself with tints of jealousy,
How can a little character become the heartthrob he thought with fallacy.
So, he took his pen and transformed it into a bloody poniard,
He became closer to heart throb,
Oh! The poor little lad.
The character of the heartthrob didn’t know its sad deceit,
It was actually the writer who was closer to brutal defeat.
The heartthrob was backstabbed by the jealous writer,
The story ended being a dud which was supposed to shine brighter.
The protagonist in its ego amused by itself, failed to take away praise,
In spite of being dead, the heartthrob character rose to glorious phase.
The ego and jealousy proved wrong by the words outstripped,
The heartthrob won the heart forever,
being the hero of the manuscript.
~ Mohit Garg | Edited by Afreen Zeb



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