The Life I Lived

When grey skies turn generous
At the onset of monsoon,
Invariably I ache for things
That can no longer be.
When I sight mangoes in every hue
Yellow, red, orange and green,
I ache for the summers gone
Of us climbing lush mango trees.
When the smell of wet earth
Rises to intoxicate my soul,


I ache to watch you make


Rangolis on the wet front yard.
When I sip a mocha or a latte,
These names that I learnt later,
I ache for that little cup of magic-
Your very addictive filter coffee.
When there is a lull between songs
Of which there is no meaning,
I ache to listen to the cassette I lost
That had us singing silly tunes.
When the soft rich quilt stretches
To reach all four corners of the bed,
I ache for that old maroon blanket
From which my toes poked out.


This life that I live today
Makes sense in some weird way,
But the one I lived then
Had my senses thriving!

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