The Conversation

A fight, a battle of egos
a subtle sense of speech, incorporates the feelings within.
All of a sudden, one said, in the discourteous tone
that even the seeds were wilted,
the leaves bled the green tears,
the rose drooped,
the affection was missing, the love though there,
but maturity came in the way.
Playing in the kindergarten of emotions
someone forgot to do the task needed,
the throbbing sensation stopped
as she said,”Grow Up”.
A Question of trust, a fear of departure
a pinching series of words, assimilates the wounds
infected by the untrue love.

And she continued, in a graceless manner
that even the birds ceased to chirp,
the rain drops dried,
the wind became warm as the temperature of talks rose,
instantly, the vehemence of his reaction
changed the course of discussion.
He pleaded in a feeble voice,
“Just stay, I need you”,
hardly any words could’ve stopped her,
but he endeavored to see the broken pieces in a new light.
Her utterances being immovable and unchanged,
he left, to bloom his life and to find a place where
the leaves were still green,
to wander for a true warmth.
~Dheeraj Panchal | Edited by Ghazal




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