The Brightest Smiles Ever Seen

A thin blue line,

Is all it took

To make her dreams collapse to the floor,

Along with her heaving body

Sliding down against the bathroom door.


All she ever dreamed of,

Was the gift of life

Blossom in her empty womb,

So she would finally be a dutiful wife.


With heavy sobs of sorrow,

Her body violently shook.

She wondered how pieces of plastic

Could deprive her of he motherhood.


Days became months,

As she lived in numbing pain.

Her infertility constantly haunted her,

Reminding her that all attempts would go in vain.


After misery had almost ruined her,

She decided to put an end to it.

She wasn’t able to birth a child,

But she was able to change one’s life.


So she found herself standing

In front of an old building-

“Rainbow Adoption Home”,

And with her first step up the stairs she decided

That she would never again be alone.


As she walked in through the door,

She was greeted by laughter and screams.

Their contagious joy seeped through her bones,

And she knew that things weren’t as bad as they seemed.


From the corner of her eye,

She spotted a mellow soul

Attired in a pink dress,

And a neat white bow.

The wide eyes met hers,

And in that moment, she knew

That their lives were about to change;

Their lives would begin anew.


As they drove back home,

She felt the weak hold

Of a little hand

That touched right into her soul.


She turned to face the smiling girl,

Who was now her whole world.

And looking at their faces, you’d agree,

That their smiles were the brightest ever seen.


By Anushka Chhikara


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