Storms And People

That day I understood why storms are named after people;


He came in like a storm.


Sudden and Terrible. Took a toll.


He made the petal fallen on the ground fly high with his winds, in his arms, all at his will.


He promised the petal that he wouldn’t let it fall. He promised that days and nights would keep changing but what the winds whispered would be the same, always and forever.


He told her that a person could be one’s best daydream or worst nightmare. An angel or a demon.


And he promised he would be both. Indeed, he was.


He wanted to love without knowing the tree she had fallen from. Like strangers. Because it’s easier that way. It’s always easier that way.


He changed her whole world in a night. Flipped it 180 degrees, made her realise that things she never believed in might just exist, a possibility that in this world she might someday fit.


He said everything he could,


To trap her on his clouds.


Promised to fill the wounds,


To make her go back and round.


She felt asleep, finally feeling calm and peaceful floating in the words that left his mouth, he told her he loved her with the most sincere whisper. And, let me tell you, she was a believer. His believer.



Then morning came, she was on the ground as always and he became one of them again.


He, a twisted whirlpool.


And she, a petal on the floor.


~ Savneet Kaur | Edited By Indu Arakkal



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