Stirrings Of The Soul

Alone I stand on the sands,
Watching the waves lash onto the shore.
An unshed tear evaporates into the ethers
Taking me by surprise as it frolics with the wind.

Up I look where the Heavens abound,
Searching for me, amid time and space
Flying between the stars in a divine game of love and life,
With the emptiness I dance to a passionate song.

Locked in an eternal embrace my soul rises above the ashes.
The fire of passion burning deep inside my heart,
Its fiery embers washed down by tears of ecstasy
I long to feel the deep and everlasting kiss
Of life that prevails beyond the end.
From the rumblings of my soul, I seek the eternal truth
Love is all there is and love is all I need.
Above the roaring froth of the sea I hear my soul cry,
Take me in your arms and let me merge in you
Beyond blissful eternity I long to come back to life, and to you.
Anu Bhide Chitnis | Edited by Ghazal



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