Stay, they told me
Every relation goes through bad times
You can’t just give up
And leave, they said.
Stay, they told me.
As my body was the canvas
Of blues and blacks.
As my face was hidden
Under layers of foundation.
Stay, they told me
This too shall pass,
As he tore my soul apart
Whipping my mind,
And burning my heart,
As I made the slightest mistake.
Stay, they told me
Think about the baby, they said.
I touched the still
Flat surface of my belly.
They called it the fruit
Of our love…
Love, I scoffed.
A love that ripped me apart;
That showed the shadows
The light cast;
That reeked of ego,
Brutality and pain.
And yet,
Stay, they told me.
For the sake of my baby;
For the sake of its future.
A father’s love is needed
Stay, they told me
But what love do they vouch for?
I rather not show my child
A demon in the name of paternity
Than the wrath under his dome.
Stay, they told me
But stay, I shall not.
For the sake of sanity;
Of love and,
Everything beautiful.
For the sake of my child,
Who has yet to live a life
That shall not see the shadow
The light casts
But bask in the light
To be vouched for.


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