Dear, I’m not the same as I used to be
I thought stars and comets were entities meant solely for the distant sky
Until one day when I actually opened my mind and looked around,
Only to find that they’re present here in as many people
As they’re in the firmaments of my mind.


Nothing really tends to be the same ever, you see
Everything, every action, every thought change, that form a new reality.
Reality, too strong a word to unveil its mask of destiny.


What if they hadn’t got the same job?
Would the two lovers have come across?
Or wouldn’t that man have met with his young demise,
Had he turned right instead of left?
These are the notions that my brain is too busy playing with, always.


I can’t help but reflect whether the alignment of stars
Brings us closer together or further apart to help us see a true heart.
I know some have a difficult time to grasp; sometimes even I have a reasonable lapse.
And I guess it’s all just a part of being human.


I know so many of us do contemplate, what it is to be in this body,
And the longer we ponder over it, the more we become distressed.
Because in the end, we realize there will always be something bigger and someone better.


But if you tell a feeble girl or a reclusive guy that
they comprise of clear skies and comets,
probably they’ll call you a mad dreamer and will laugh.
Don’t mind them dear, because that’s how poets are made.


Fantasists, who find the mundane world pretty awful,
find their only escape in weaving lines,
projecting a scenario where all get to see the bigger picture –
That each one of you is beautiful,
That every one of you is made from stardust.



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