Rise From The Ashes

Do you hear it, love?
The phoenix singing, a symphony;
Made up of eerie silences,
As hollow as this never ending night.
And consummating the loneliness;
Defeating the paradigm of ecstasy.
Do you smell the darkness, in the terribly dim moonlight?
In the paining and unfair life;
That you so beautifully, drape around that ivory skin of yours.
As the hemp smoke becomes dense,
And I breathe you into my lungs.

I sit there, perplexed;
To think how whimsical, our fires have always been,
So extreme, the emotions after a foreplay.
That now that you are not here;
It feels so terribly agonizing;
To talk about you in the words;
So lame,
Which could never understand how ardently beautiful you are.
The only comfort now there being in a cynical truth;
About me being addicted, to your breaths;
To your shadows and to the illuminated stillness that we own.
And oh well, the phoenix still sings,
But now with a tragic, mellow voice;
Maybe it is dying, to be reborn from its ashes.
Or maybe not.


~ Abhijit Singh | Reviewed by Nandini

Image Courtesy: www.pixabay.com


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