There I stood gazing at the skies,
But the fairies of sleep buried my eyes.
Or was it just a sweet slumber?
Will none tell me what it was?
Alas! I could see a lass with umpteen broken dreams,
Like a pageantry of mist in the autumnal streams.
Now and then she is writing that name,
So gently she put it in her heart’s frame.
Sitting behind the windows with tenacity growing cold,
Staring out for a moment of felicity to hold.
Nailed her questions to an untenable cross,
Puzzled with the same old problems to a pause.

Oh! Promises were made to stay !
Vows were taken that day.
Life like a dome of many colored glass,
Made a tryst with destiny to pass.
Wonder how those colors flied,
Wonder why her heart beat lied?
Yeah,she missed something in the weeping of rain,
Time could not ease her off her pain.
Silently fuming with no more tears to weep,
Long did she wail for secrets to keep.
Getting back to senses seemed to be a magic,
Looking beyond the possibilities felt real tragic.
Like the silent lightening leaves the starless night
Faded her love in to the eternal plight.
With whom should she walk the sullen years?
That kiss, that touch she holds with tears.
Fallen upon the thorns badly bleeds,
Just one way to fulfill her needs.
Added the mob,” he’ll awake no more ”
Echoed the walls,”Oh ! Never more.”
‘Leave me not’ yelled Mary to feel his breath,
Together live ever or else swoon to death.
~ Padma.K | Edited by Ghazal



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