Here we are,

On this one-way road.

With no point of return.

Aeons ago.

During one of these dark nights.

We made a promise. A bond. Of love.

To make a journey together.

Till the end of time.


I remember that cold night.

Amidst falling snowflakes.

You held your hand in mine, never to let go.

I remember your eyes.


I remember your smile.



And here we are again.


For one last time.

The bridges we built.

Are inflamed with fire.

For one last time,

We leave all the love we had behind.

This blank journey.

Has come to an end.

As I walk the monotony fields,

The snowflakes fall upon me.

Covering this earth,

In layers of cold.

Covering our souls.

The stories will be told.


~ Udipto Phukan


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