Listen to the tone of the falling rain.
Doesn’t it play your favourite beat?
Just listen! It’ll remind you of me.
See the surge, from that source unseen.
Fell for its imperfection?
Just see! It ends the endlessness.
Listen to the tip-tap hitting the ground.
Aren’t your beats chorus to it?
Just feel! It’ll afix your shaky self.
See how it fills that jug unfilled.
Doesn’t it remind you of your vacuum?
Just watch! It’ll brim you over too.


See the rose, sprouting among the spines.

Doesn’t it remind you of your tough luck?
Just see! It’ll put in shape the shapeless.
Lend an ear to those tears, damping the paper inch by inch.
Don’t they unveil your scars again?
Just wait! They’d heal the unhealed.
Look at the harsh backdrop, on your wall.
Doesn’t it remind you of your worst days?
Just hold on, It’ll take you through the best.
~Khawaja Musadiq  | Edited by Ghazal Khan



Image Courtesy: www.pixabay.com


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