Possible Impossibilities

And my love starts feeling like
foreign language to you;
Which you like listening to
But, don’t understand.
From being your favourite music tune
to the CD that lies on the dusty closet,
I guess,
have come a long way.
the fights brought us closer together.
They helped us understand each other,
bringing out our hidden sides.
They just bring silences –
Unbearable and unbreakable.
But they still, like old times,
Bring out our hidden sides – hideous sides.
Just that, like old times,
they don’t look nearly pretty.
How can there be anything admirable about us changing into people
who we thought we would never become?


Just like the greenest of forests
run dry and lifeless,
Just like a lake brimming with water
faces drought,
being a writer,
am at a huge loss of words.
It might sound ironical since I am writing poetry on it,
But, trust me,
Never have I felt so blank
as I did when we had quarrels so bad
we slept without saying good night,
without telling each other that we love each other
and that nothing matters more than our smiles
and peace.
It was as if my entire world had swept
from under my feet.
of course it did!
I don’t call you my world for no reason.
The strangeness is such that
I love you, but I feel so lost.
Like an architect
forgetting the streets
of the map that he himself designed;
Like a painter
not recognising the touch
of her own painting –
The painting that she bled her heart on;
Like a potter
not remembering their
most treasured pot –
A pot that they carved out of
the stars and wishes of their own universe.

I thought,
with all this distance,
even if I forget how your skin feels against mine,
we would still be the same –
evolving, growing, loving.
And guess what,
the distance crept in
but I can still close my eyes after looking at our picture
and still recall how every single second felt.
But we certainly have evolved,
even if not in the way we had imagined.


But, my love, looking at the dotted black canvas above me,
one fact that I’m sure of,
despite all these transitions and differences,
is that I still do hope
for the stars to shine brighter and brighter
each day in your sky,
even if that means,


losing all of mine.


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