Part 4 – The Day We Came Together

(Read Part Three – The Day We Came Together here)


Your voice is still quite the same.
And my name sounds just as dusky
in your lips.
I still remember the sadness of the songs
that you would hum on stormy nights
with the candle light by the bedside table
flickering weakly in the wind,
and I,
lying next to you,
would slowly ease away with the melody
into the reveries
of the dreadful unknown.


The scar above your left eyebrow
that marked your skin
of damage and strength hasn’t yet faded.
The vicious grip of the aching fervour
that you set upon my soul, too,
hasn’t yet faded.
The distance and the years were all but weak, rusty cages,
foolishly cast
to contain the hunger of two rebels:
too hurt to fight,
too strong to endure.


The words of your final letter are engraved
into the deepest strata of my mind.
You said I was like the lightning
that struck on your bright sunlit day
and uncovered your world to miracles.
But you also said goodbye
because miracles seldom ever ensue twice.
Today, I guess you are wrong.
we meet again like changing seasons
with you as a different summer,
and I,
a different rain.



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