Part 3 – The Day We Came Together

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And yes,
the rains have come down again,
washing away the quiet, winter strength;
clasping the tendons
and up the spine
in a shuddering electric wave–
restless tremors
under the wraps
of long confined boundaries,
for a miracle escape,
from the strangled soul.


The symphony of the drops
takes me back a long way–
through the black nights
of an anxious touch–
the warmth of our embrace;
the silence in our breaths;
the lust in our eyes;
the goosebumps on our flesh;
of togetherness,
of shared despair,
flashing between the gaps
of unspoken words.


When I fell in love with you,
the sky turned a different blue,
the leaves
a different green.


the rain reminds me
of you;
of the dark clouds,
and the wetness of the ground
where our footsteps
would sink in
like memoirs of our love
as though they were deep enough to last


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