Part 2 – The Day We Came Together

(Read Part One – The Day We Came Together here)


The words hung about,
reluctant and shapeless,
floating in the air
that smelled of the bygone years when we first set eyes upon each other’s:
young, restless souls, then;
scarred, wiser, now;
but just as foolish
and in love.

The remnant pain of old memories
divulged away somewhere
in between the letters of yesterday’s sorrow
and the warmth of your touch today–
like a knife quietly slipping out from its place between the bones,
emerging unseen,
shadows at sunsets.

Your eyes still played
their cruel tricks on me;
and I,
like the monsoon rains, kept falling for them
as if you were the rising sun,
and I the thumping dusk.
Standing there, inches away
from an old forgotten embrace,
we stood,
clouded by a sombre strangeness–
a decade stronger, a minute weaker:
like collapsed artefacts.


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