Part 1 – The Day We Came Together

And there,
our eyes met yet again
after the long tiresome years:
distant memories lounging about
like stars in the midnight skies.
Black as my mind.
Black as our lives, as we,
dreadfully bonded apart
stood silently,
drenched in each other’s gaze.

There you stood,

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watched the same rustic smile
come upon your weary lips,
cautiously and in broken bits
till it hurt my heart,
and my lungs, and my chest,
and my eyes,
till the scars numbed away.
Slowly, drearily, painfully.

Years apart, spent,
to love you
a little less.
But your smile replaced the voids with the same freshness,
and recollections
of the morning mists where our breaths,
warm and patched,
would hover away
into the cold skies
as one.


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