One Wild Night

As thy skies unpeel the morning lights on her, I see
her stripped elegance masked by the morning dew
which so elegantly cups her golden-silvery innocence,
but I’ve seen the few moments of her intense wild
which unveil the goddess that lurks amongst
the evil waters she drowned me in,
the bosoms of heaven she boasted off whilst
I spent eternities caressing her peachy peach,
cloven by the roots of Belteshazzar.

I summon her love as she screams
to visit the almost unfelt moist stings
whilst she impossibly dreams
of the pleasures undefined,
I look for words to take her to bliss
but no touch so passionate would do,
neither a thrust so vigorous
but a silent summer kiss
on her neck and so she closed her eyes
and she moaned savagely.
Ah, love, you just peaked.
She would smoke and she would bite
and so the graves would stir,
for to arouse the forgotten
and the insatiable dead,
she need not moan.

Her craved groans would cast a chill
down her spine and unleash her will,
yet as I kissed her peachy fruit,
she peaked like the heavens broke loose,
for what worth bears a queen if she rides
And gleams like anything but a queen.
Sloppy she rode ‘til her sacred mystique did ooze
the wine unsavoury, which fell like a blessing
to the destined lips.
Ah, love, give me a silent summer kiss.

Her aroma is paralysing
for the senses, so I walk away to
the new born sun with a taste of her lips
still on my tongue, her scent in my clothes.
For all a heart wants is a sacred cloaked touch
but the coveted memory of her touch eclipses
whatever follows her trail,
beyond the stretch of fantasia.

She awakes a lust to revisit what
almost untwines her knots masked
by a warm breath, but I would rather clutch
the untouched corners of her heart
which prison a lust so vicious,
I retrace the steps away from her bed and her
to deny the whims of the morning whilst
the moments stir and worship the lust
which may last and tease
for another beautiful forever,
for she lusts for the thrusts
and the ecstatic flare without a seed,
to remember the night,
for she’s smiling in her sleep.


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